Blogmas (Day 10)- November Favorites

Is it acceptable to do a November favorites 10 days into December? Yes? No? Oh well this is a no judging blog so who cares!

Here are some of my favorite things in the month of November!

Question of the day: What are some of your November favorites?

Movies and Tv

3 out of 5 can be found on Netflix and they are seriously amazing!

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

I’m not going to lie I have a not so little crush on Trevor Noah. But I mean come on this dude is seriously amazing and I couldn’t stop laughing at his special!


I love love dogs so obviously I was going to watch this! Although I pretty much cried through out the episodes because we honestly don’t deserve dogs!


I’m binging the crap out of this show and it is quickly becoming my all time favorite! I understand the hype greatly!

Brooklyn 99

This show is a masterpiece and I am absolutely in love with it!

Beauty and Clothes

NYX Alabama

NYX has one of the best lipsticks ever in my opinion! Affordable and quality is amazing! It is a reddish pink tone and I love it because it gives me a nice tint!

Plaid Pants

I LIVE for plaid pants and 95% of my wardrobe consist of it and I am not ashamed!


Yellow Curry Tofu

I have officially become obsessed with curry and I crave it 95% of the time!

Dark Chocolate Pecan Pretzel Pie

Made it for Thanksgiving and it was BOMB!


Billie Eilish

A beautiful soul who I just want to hug! Seriously her music just shakes me to my core and she is absolutely brilliant!

Well there you have it! My November favorites are y’all tomorrow 🙂

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Blogmas (Day 9)- Christmas on a budget

So Christmas is in a few weeks and you are either scrambling to save up money for gifts or wanting to spend little as possible.

So let me tell you a little secret! One of my favorite stores ever is…….Dollar Tree!!

I absolutely love that store! There is one in my town that is almost like a plus? It used to be a pizza place now transformed to this wonderful beauty and it seriously has everything!

So if you are lucky to have a Dollar Tree or something equivalent to that here are some ideas you can do!

Photo Frame

It’s a personal and thoughtful gift! Pick the best picture that means a lot to the both of you and bam! The awwwws will be heard!

Christmas Socks

Who doesn’t love Christmas socks?! It’s cute and festive! Plus if you live somewhere that is experiencing cold weather BAM they got the socks!


Bath and body works who? The scent on these babies are sooo good! Plus if the person you are gifting loves candles you can buy 12 to equivalent 1 in bath and body!


At times they often bring name brands and who doesn’t love to smell good? Plus by the end of the year people may be running out of their perfume already? I know I do!


Wet and Wild will be found and I mean if you have someone who loves beauty products this is jackpot baby! Don’t recommend the unknown face wipe removers!


I love a good puzzle! Plus it could be something cute that you can do together?

In conclusion to this Ted Talk; Dollar Tree has unlimited items that can be used to create personal things for Christmas! Hoped this help!

Question of the day: do you have a list of what gifts you are buying? Share them 😊

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