My Travel Wish List

“If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet.”- Patrick Rothfuss 

I can remember distinctly when I got bit by the wanderlust bug. It was when I was in elementary school and my parents would take frequent trips to Mexico. I LIVED for these trips. It was the time that I not only got to see my extended family but I would get to stay there for weeks during summer. We would have adventures that will stay in my heart forever.

When I got older things got more difficult to say the least. Mexico became scary and financially we just couldn’t anymore. So when my Primas and Primos gifted me a trip to Florida for graduating University my wanderlust bug came FULL FORCE. I mean it was always there but now experiencing this opportunity had me thinking of future opportunities.

It was the best time ever and I pray I can go back with my core family one day.

But I can count on one hand how many places I have been to and my wanderlust soul aches. So here are a few places I would LOVE to visit and hopefully one day the Universe gives me that chance.



A tourist wet dream really. I for one would LOVE to go to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. One place I have a strange obsession with is San Francisco and I think it’s because they have a Biscoff restaurant and if you haven’t tried Biscoff you haven’t lived. Can you just imagine Biscoff coffee?! I would die! Also would love to hike in Yosemite National Park!

Toroweap Point


I want to visit the Grand Canyon so bad so I can pull an Andy Dwyer. Also to experience it National Lampoon style and hike in the parks Arizona has to offer!



I have a Prima that lives there so really I could just take a plane and go but that itself is so expensive. I have been in love with Canada since I first found out Degrassi was a Canadian show. No like seriously Canada seems like a legitimately beautiful place and I mean Supernatural films there at times so that’s also cool. They have an epic bridge that even though I am terrified of heights I would do in a heart beat……with a parachute in case because I don’t take chances. Also snow!!!!

New York

“There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York! These streets will make you feel brand new! Big lights will inspire youuuuuu”- Alicia Keys and Jay-Z

New York another tourist wet dream. I had the chance to go in middle school as a class trip but again financially we were screwed so I couldn’t go. But I would love to go for many things. Theater shows, fashion, central park, times square, see the freaking statue of liberty and pretty much every touristy thing to do.



I want to live my Mamma Mia moment in Greece. I want to stay in those little houses and blast Abba every day I am there. Also when Sebastian Stan went there to film his new movie I was seeing so my photos of that beautiful place that it just made me more hook.



Do I want to go to London just to live out my Spice Girls life? Yes thank you for asking! No but seriously London is beautiful from photos and I would just love love to go!


Ahh the city of love. Who knows maybe my significant other right now is sipping on some coffee and just admiring them Effile Tower lights waiting for me to go meet them. But really it’s France and I would just love to go.


To see the Northern Lights and swim at a Blue Lagoon would be EPIC.


New Zealand

How beautiful is that cave?! New Zealand has so many beautiful spots I can only dream of being there in person!



A lot of great things came out of Australia you know the IIconics for one who are two female wrestlers in WWE. Oh! 5 seconds of summer as well. I mean it’s Australia who wouldn’t want to visit and see all those animals?!



I blame it on The Mummy. No seriously when I saw it when I was a wee child I was hooked. The history and just how amazing it looks.

Question of the day: What is your travel bucket list?

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Harry Potter Tag

25 things to do before 25 

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A Harry Potter Tag

I love Harry Potter and what I mean is I reaaaally love Harry Potter! So when I saw this tag I knew I just had to do it!

Comment down below your answer to one of these questions! I love to hear your thoughts!

  1. What house are you in?


To be quiet honest I identify with Hufflepuff more than anything but Pottermore doesn’t tell lies so who am I to question it. I get where I can match with Gryffindor especially when I think of the people who are in it. I always say that I am looking for my Neville Longbottom moment in life. He was clumsy and timid in the beginning but then he rose to be so incredibly fearless. He stood up to Voldemort like that says it all. So now I’m patiently waiting to do the same.

2. What is your patronus? 


A Goshawk! I was kind of expecting a dog or some sort of deer not a bird. But when I think of birds I think of the long travels they take so it’s pretty cool.

3. What is your wand?



Apparently this type of wand is dangerous with clumsy hands which makes me laugh because I am pretty clumsy.

4. What would your boggart be?

Something simple and generic would be a rat. I DO NOT MESS WITH THEM. I mean I love hamsters and guinea pigs but not rats. NOPE.

5. What position would you play in Quidditch? 

First off I don’t do well with heights and the fact that it’s just them riding a broom is insane. They have no protection whatsoever! BUT if I had to choose maybe a chaser? Or a seeker? If I am a seeker I can just chill till I see the snitch.

6. Would you be pure blood, half blood, or muggle born?

I’m going to go with muggle born because how cool is it to grow up in a “normal reality” then one day wake up and you are a freaking wizard or witch?!

7. What job would you like to have after graduating Hogwarts?

A professor! Because that will mean I will be around Hogwarts for EVEN LONGER. I can stay there forever!!!

8. Which of the deathly hallows would you choose?

The cloak because the idea of being invisible is awesome. You can sneak up on people, leave certain situations, or hear what people are saying. So like you can be getting chisme 24/7.

9. Favorite book?

Without the brilliance of the first one there wouldn’t be a series.

10. Least favorite book?

Deathly Hallows because EVERYONE I LOVE DIES.

11. Favorite film?

Again it be the first one! Also Order of the Phoenix because that is when my girl Luna is introduced.

12. Least Favorite Film?

Again Deathly Hallows reading the deaths is one thing BUT SEEING IT!

13. Favorite Character?


I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. Seriously we would be best friends and I am naming my first daughter after her my spouse doesn’t get a say.

14. Least favorite/most hated character?

We shall not speak of her name but that pink Pepto-Bismol woman.

15. Favorite teacher at Hogwarts?


She is a BADASS and so incredibly motherly.

16. Least favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

Pepto-Bismol….ugh I can’t with her.

17. Favorite quote?

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the lights”- Albus Dumbledore

“Don’t worry, you’re just as sane as I am”-Luna Lovegood

“After all this time?” “Always.”

18. Favorite Weasley?


“Red hair….and hand-me-down robe….you must be a Weasley.” Who knew I was a Weasley too! Haha but my favorite is Ron because he LOVES to eat and so do I.

19. Favorite female character?

Luna Lovegood!! My second favorite is Hermonie!

20. Favorite male character?


Bet you thought I would say Ron? Nah, it’s Draco! His story is fascinating to me. I had the biggest crush on him even if he was a brat.

21. Would you rather travel by Hogwarts express or a flying car?


Express 100%! I was close to riding it at Universal but it closed before I could.

22. What characters do you see yourself being instant friends with?


I would bond over food with Ron. Read tons of books with Hermonie. Probably do something stupid and get in trouble with Harry.

23. What spells seem most useful to you?

Wingardium Leviosa. Pronouncing it would be tons of fun and being able to make things levitate is epic.

24. What would be your favorite class to attend?

Divination because it be awesome to see the future. Also Care of Magical Creatures because who wouldn’t want to know that! It would come in handy!

25. What would be your least favorite class to attend?


Flying. Again no protection. I am such a wuss.

26. What moment or event would you want to experience in real life?

Sorting Hat hands down!!! I bet it would be a truly unforgettable moment.

27. Who is your favorite couple?

Ron and Hermonie. I love the build to their relationship and they had me hooked when she said you’ve got dirt on your nose by the way. What a sassy beginning.

28. Who is your favorite Harry Potter actor?

Alan Rickman. Nuff said.

29. Most shocking or surprising moment in the series for you?

Uh, when the people I loved died. I mean I knew it was going to happen but certain people had me gasping. Like Fred! Really JK really?

30. If you could meet any member of the cast who would it be?


All of them. Just ALL OF THEM.

Bonus Question

31: Describe Harry Potter in one word!

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25 things to do before 25

10 things to do when you are sad 

Bullet Journal November 

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25 Things to do Before 25

It’s almost a month since I turned 24 and I realized that I really didn’t do much that whole year.

I was surviving instead of living. 

There is a HUGE difference when I say that and let me explain to you why. The beginning of this year took a massive toll on my mental health. I was waking up each day and just existing. Yes I had moments where I was blessed with adventures but when you get home and you are all alone to your thoughts….where you actually living or just surviving the day?

I already had one foot out the door but the Universe kept me around. It was for a reason and I will LIVE till I find out why. So I created a birthday bucket list for the big 2-5 where I am half way to being in my thirties. Which I am kind of excited about.

I have read countless of these bucket lists and while some are very much not financially realistic for me they were amazing to see. Especially when they completed it. So here is my semi-realistic that I can hopefully financially do. Because 25 wasn’t suppose to happen so I am going to live it to the fullest.

  1. Go to a concert or festival


The atmosphere when going to a music festival or a concert is electric. I can’t even describe how it feels to experience something like that. It’s truly beautiful being surrounded by people who love the same thing as you.

I have been to 1 music festival in my life and that was Never Say Never. I went about 2 or 3 times and I got to meet/hear some of my favorite bands in the whole world. I also went to a One Direction (with Zayn)/5 Seconds of Summer concert couple years back and I was crying the whole time. This year I want to go to a concert or maybe another festival. South by South West is incredibly close to me and I have been wanting to see Twenty One Pilots for years.

2. Move out


To be honest the goal was to move out of my parents house with my older brother this summer. Jobs were lost, hours were cut, and financially we were screwed. My mother has this saying where she says, “no planee porque Dios no le concederá sólo deseo” which pretty much means don’t plan because God won’t grant it just wish.

Me being a massive planner really hated that saying but she was right. It wasn’t the right time this year and hopefully it is next.

3. Grow my blog 

This blog is my little baby and I want it to grow to capacities that are beyond my dreams. I hope it can reach out to an audience who can feel like they have a safe place. Where they have someone they can talk to.

4. Take a trip out of Texas

Don’t get me wrong Texas is great and all but I can count on one hand the places I have traveled to throughout my life. It hurts my wanderlust heart and soul. Financially this will be a HARD thing to complete but I can only wish.


5. Go to a Yoga/Pilates Class

I don’t know why but I think this would be cool. I can imagine myself pretty much falling in every move but feeling like I can accomplish anything in life at the end of it you know?

6. Get fit

What I mean is actually working out consistently and seeing progress in my body. I tend to work out for one whole week and think YES! I did it suck it! But then I don’t work out for months because I’m too lazy. I don’t want like an 8 pack or a butt that can give Sommer Ray a run for her money. Sis can keep her brand without competition from me but I just want to feel and look healthy is all.

7. Volunteer

In middle school my tennis coach took us to give money to people in need. Thinking about that feeling alone makes me angry that I don’t do enough. I donate whenever I can but I want to PHYSICALLY go out of my way. Whether it is to volunteer at an animal shelter or a women’s center. I WANT AND NEED TO DO IT.

8. Learn sign language


Personally I feel like it should be taught in school because it is something that is truly helpful. When I worked in retail we had a family come in and NO ONE knew how to sign except my manager. Seeing her doing it so casually and the bright smiles on their faces was inspiring to say the least.

9. Get a tattoo

My parents HATE them but if I complete the goal of moving out they can’t say anything since I am not under their roof anymore haha. I have MANY MANY ideas and I hope to do them sooner than later.

10. Girls trip or night


I say trip or night because a lot of my friends have too much responsibility to be taking a trip. Hopefully it can be as epic as Girls Trip.

11. Take myself out on a date


I want to take myself out to a fancy date and just fall in love with myself.

12. Have a themed party

I would have put a specific theme but I am a Libra and we are so INDECISIVE. Maybe it will be a Disney theme or Harry Potter. Maybe it will be horror or Stranger Things. Party could be my birthday or a house warming party. I don’t know but I hope it happens.

13. Go out drinking

To a bar or club. I want to experience an epic 21st that I didn’t have.

14. Family Trip

I want to take a trip that will rival National Lampoon’s Vacations. A family trip to beat all family trips. Especially since it could be our last for a while.

15. Have my dream job or be on my way there

I have three dream jobs. One is Disney because I want to help create magic along with them but I been rejected over 20 times. (Not an exaggeration I will blog about it soon) Two a job that will let me travel the world. Three an event planner.

16. Buy a car

I share a car with my parents and if you can relate to that you know my struggle. I only get the car maybe 5 hours for the WHOLE WEEK. I want to have my own baby.

17. Change my hair

I been rocking the short hair look for years now so I really want to grow it out and have beautiful Ariel long hair.

18. Get a massage

I have put this off more times then I can count but who wouldn’t want to get a massage? I would feel like a princess to be honest.

19. Date more (be more open)

Having social anxiety and wanting to go on dates is a nightmare. One hand you could meet “the one” on the other your nerves are so shot up you can feel your heart about to burst.

20. Pride week


I went to a Pride event last year with my best friend and it was the most amazing experience ever. Next year I want to do the WHOLE WEEK or at least try to.

21. Go to more Theater Shows

I went last year to my local theater to see Rocky Horror Picture Show and I had the best time! I just want to support them as best as I can.

22. Go for a Hike

Now while I wish I can hike in Zion National Park it would take me forever to raise the money to go there. So taking a hike locally or maybe going to Austin would be amazing.

23. Buy lingerie

I realize this is something that’s like um okay? But I mean I want to feel like a damn powerful sexy woman.

24. Plan a Disney Trip


I was blessed to be able to go with my cousin’s family trip to Florida this year. Being able to experience Magic Kingdom and Universal was truly magical. But I really longed for my core family and my best friend to have been there. I don’t think this trip will happen in 2019 but I want there to be an effective plan maybe a down payment to do it 2020. I want them to experience the magic like I did.

25. Live 

Like I said earlier before I don’t want to just survive I want to live. 

If you read through all that I want to give you a big giant hug because I know I went into excessive detail on some points.

Question of the day: What are some things on your bucket list? Do you have one or want to create one?

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10 Things to do when you are sad

10 Things that make me happy

Bullet Journal November 

Love letter to October

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10 Things To Do When You Are Sad

Mental Health Monday (2)

There are days in our lives that makes us not want to do anything but just stay in bed because even though the day may have just started we already feel defeated. I understand the strength it takes to physically lift yourself off the comfort of your safe haven.

Moments where you are lost in your own head and disregard everything that people have said to you in encouragement. Because what would they know? Have they experienced what you have? The difficulty. How mentally and physically exhausting it is to be stuck in your head every second of the day?

I have gone through countless self help list on what to do when I am sad. But it’s almost like the period commercial you see on television. Where they are dancing around and being happy when in reality we are in our bed sobbing from the pain. Some of the suggestions on the self help list are exactly like the commercial….. unrealistic. In my opinion that is.

So down below I created a list that has actually helped me from the countless self help ones I have read. But like everything in life some things will work for people others won’t. But I hope you can find at least one to help you.

  1. Watch your favorite movie, show, or YouTube channel!

My all time favorite episode of The Office is when Michael hits Meredith with his car aka Season 4 episode 1. Even if you haven’t seen the show I recommend watching this specific episode because no matter how sad I am it will have me laughing nonstop.

I also recommend watching YouTube videos. ASMR videos have helped me a lot when it comes to my anxiety and when I am upset I just put on some funny moments of Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie and I cheer right up.


2. Meditate, workout, stretch, jog/run, or do yoga!

When I saw this suggestion before I laughed and said no. Why would I get out of bed to physically do something when I am mentally exhausted. I tried it because I was desperate and honestly meditating or doing yoga HAS helped. Why? Because I am so focused on breathing or trying to not hurt myself I am not even paying attention to the stuff going around my head.

3. Make a playlist!

Music has my heart and soul. The idea of just being lost in the music and having no care in the world is freeing. I have a playlist for every emotion I may experience. Some include Billie Eilish who has the voice of an angel. Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, The Maine, The 1975 etc etc. Let me know if you would like me to share some of my playlist in more detail.


4. Journal! 

At times we feel like we can’t share exactly what we are feeling. The fear of being judged or not understood amplifies so we just keep it in our head. Don’t. Write it down. Every little thought you have whether it is negative or positive write it down. Go back to it later on in life and see what made you hurt. Or what made you feel amazing.

5. Read or listen to a book!

You can live a thousand lives by reading books but if you hate reading do audibles. Some of my favorite books to read are the Harry Potter series, Rupi Kaur, John Green and Jen Sincero.


6. Build a fort and sleep!

I love a good fort. I love the idea of building it and putting tons of pillows just to fall asleep in it. It is literally like a little cave.

7. Talk with friends imaginary or not!

I know that the idea of telling someone what you are feeling is nerve-racking. Will they understand what you are feeling? Will they just say, “oh man that sucks” after you pour your heart out to them? Yea I get it which is why imaginary friends are great. No seriously I know it sounds weird and you may be thinking tf? But just think about it if you have all this pent up emotions you want to release without someone judging you or knowing what to say? Just say it to the Universe. They are your friend in need.

8. Pamper yourself!

I am talking about the whole enchilada pamper yourself. I want you to turn on some music and put it at whatever volume is calming to you. Light up some candles and take either a bath or shower. Which ever one you have available and put a good face mask on. Spa yourself baby you deserve it.


9. Feed your body!

Feed it well. Make yourself some food or take yourself out to eat. Just nourish your body with everything it needs.


(I have discovered Yellow Curry with Tofu and I am IN LOVE)

10. Treat Yo Self

You don’t have to necessarily buy anything to treat yo self. If treating your self is by binging Netflix shows all day. Do it. If it is by going to a fancy restaurant do it. DON’T however, treat your self harmfully and spend too much or overindulge yourself.


What do you guys personally do when you are feeling down? I love to hear your thoughts and it is a great way for people to get even more ideas!Screenshot (316)





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Bullet Journal November

I love to start every new month with a new quote that will set the tone. This month I am all about my journey with self love and what better quote then from the Queen Rupi Kaur.

“The Universe took its time on you crafted you precisely so you could offer the world something distinct from everyone else so when you doubt how you were created you doubt an energy greater than us both”- Rupi Kaur 

Bullet Journals have SAVED me from being a mess all year. Literally I will never go back to a regular planner because a bullet journal allows me creative freedom. Each month can be a different theme and I can add so much more content.

Last month was October so my theme was Halloween vibes.

I am definitely not the best drawer but I am not going to lie I am damn proud of my IT and flower hand drawing.

Now for theme of November….drum roll please……

Harry Potter!!!!!! (Picture it the way Dumbledore said it in the Goblet of Fire)

It makes sense since the tradition my brother and I do is just watch all the movies that month and without further ado here is my November Bullet Journal.

(Inspired by spreads I saw on Pinterest)


I personally love to have a little calendar in the beginning and I always tend to do a quote as well. Look at my castle and snitch ugh I can’t get over how well this page came out. (Also I am not Spongebob so I can’t do a perfect circle)

First Page

The first page is where I set my calendar up in a way that allows me to write down certain events happening on days. I tried to do Hogwarts house colors but I never realized how primary school it looks.

The page beside my calendar I decided to do something new. Since this month is all about self love for me I wanted to have a “self care” section so I am aware of how much I actually do for myself.

Next to it is a “new thing” section because I am literally an old lady trapped in a 24 year old body and I tend to just stay in my house. So I am pushing myself to do things I normally won’t.

“Met Goals” section is self explanatory. I will admit that I write down goals for each month and only end up completing two or so.

“Work Out” section is also self explanatory. Since this month is all about self love I wanted to do things that I been avoiding. One is working out. I don’t hate it. I’m just too lazy to do it and make excuses 100% of the time. But NO MORE……hopefully!

Weekly Spread

These are my themes for my weekly spreads. Now the second one definitely screams primary school but I am quiet proud of my Quidditch one. I like giving enough space for each date to write down not only what I am doing but if something memorable happens I love to write it down.

Other spreads

I never really make my month goals a whole page but this month I wanted to try something different. I also get to add a brand new page…..MY BLOG POST! It will be so much easier to track what days I will post (hint it is usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…fingers cross I can keep that up).

Lastly, another new thing I will be doing is a highlights and gratitude page. Now I could have avoided adding this ESPECIALLY since I realized my spelling error. However, that is life you make mistakes. Also a con of doing everything in pen and not double checking. (Don’t do pencil first always)

Well that’s it! My November bullet journal! If you reached it this far thank you so much!!

Question of the day: Do you prefer bullet journals or planners?

Comment down below! I would love to see some of your bullet journal spreads and hear your thoughts!






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